About Us

Fortunately, only a few children around the world get lost forever!  But most of us parents do have the terrifying experience of having our little ones vanish from our sight. Our children can disappear in seconds.  Crowded malls, theme parks, holiday and supermarkets to name but a few.  It can happen anywhere.  Children's curiosity and an adult, distracted for just a brief moment can cause a separation.   The gut wrenching seconds when you loose sight of them is a harrowing ordeal.

Our team believes that we have found a solution for you. Angel Rings Silicon Bracelets for Children are designed to alleviate at least some of the nerve racking moments when your child gets suddenly lost.  The information provided on the bracelets becomes a lifeline which brings your child back to you and does not reveal any private information about your family other than a phone number.

All of us at Angel Rings would like to see our identification bracelets, not just as a fashion accessory but as something that you see as a necessary safety precaution.  Children love wearing bracelets and so many of them already do, just not ones that may save their lives one day. 

Our goal is for Angel Rings to become the norm one day, so that every parent will know that if their child has an Angel Ring they have that lifeline that will bring them back to their family as quickly as possible.

We wish peace to all parents and a lots of joy for the children!

Your Angel Rings team