Why should I buy The Angel Rings Silicon Bracelet for my child?

All children are naturally curious; they get distracted by their surroundings and can forget in a second that they should stay within eyesight of the adults they are with. This can happen anywhere - on holiday, at the swimming pool, on a trip, at a fun fair, in a theatre, at the market, in shopping malls....  but despite your best efforts, your child can disappear  from sight in a second. Angel Rings Silicon Bracelets help to ease such awful, nerve racking moments as much as possible and assist in finding your child as quickly as possible.

What age group are the Angel Rings suitable for?

From the moment children start walking, they can get lost in an unguarded moment. That is why we recommend acquiring a bracelet for your child from their first steps. School children are mostly able to ask for help, but in a situation of high anxiety and stress, they can easily forget phone numbers.  In this instance, the bracelet is your certainty and it is not a burden for your child, so why not....?

Why should I buy The Angel Rings and not any other ID accessory?

The Angel Rings bracelets for children are made of 100% silicon with the smallest risk of an allergic reaction.  It is soft and pliable, and very comfortable to wear. A great advantage of the product is that it will last for years and therefore, it is a much better investment than purchasing metallic or plastic bracelets.

Why should I order it from Angel Rings?

We are one of few companies in the world that makes it possible to purchase a single piece. You won't find many manufacturers who will provide just one.  In many cases there is a minimum order of around 100 pieces, and the waiting time is longer as they are not manufactured in Europe.

With each purchase of an Angel Ring you will also be donating money to an endowment fund.

What should I write on the bracelet?

It is entirely up to you. On the face of the bracelet, you can write anything you like, but most parents choose to write the first name of their child and a phone number of one of the parents so the person who finds your child can contact the family. We recommend using the country code before the number so even when abroad, the finder knows what number to call.

What size should I choose?

To ensure your child feels comfortable wearing the bracelet, measure the circumference of the wrist and add at least 1.5cm. For example, if the circumference of the wrist is 13.2 cm, we recommend ordering Angel Rings with a circumference of 15 cm.

What is the colour range?

We offer our bracelets in a choice of either blue, pink, red, yellow,green,orange,neon color-lighting

How long does the bracelet last?

Based on our experience, we know that the Angel Rings bracelets for children last for a long time. Basically, you never have to take it off. You can have it on in the water, the sauna, in the snow, … it does not show any signs of wear and tear under normal conditions of use.  The child’s name will still be visible after years of wear. This is the big advantage of  using 100% silicon.

Do I get a discount if I order more than one piece?

Every bracelet is made individually with a special laser which is operated manually, so requires the operators undivided attention; therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a quantity discount. In case you need more than one piece with the same text and size, please let us know and we will be happy to work out an individual price offer for you.

Can I use the bracelet for other purposes?

Yes. Though Angel Rings bracelets are primarily made for the purposes of helping parents find their children, there are no restrictions to their use. For example, you can use it for informing about illness such as diabetes, drug allergies or epilepsy. You can also use it as an accessory and adjust it according to your wishes.

What is the delivery time?

The moment we see your payment in our account we send the Angel Rings bracelet within max 8 working days. Please, take into account that we have no control of the delivery time once it leaves us, but in our experience it usually takes 3 working days. Longer if you are outside The Czech Republic.

Do you deliver outside the Czech Republic?

Yes, it is not a problem. Only the delivery costs are different.

Allergic reactions ?

Silicon wristbandnsare made of 100%silicone.Though silicone is know for having the lovwest chance on alergies, we can not promise for 100% that no allergic reaction is possible.The material is stable over a wide temperature range, intert to the skin.It's resistant to UV radiation and you can take it to the pool.Chlorinated water will not harm your wristband.To avoid any skin reaction we suggest to select the correct size of the wristband (add 1.5 - 2 cm to the wrist size) and to prevent soap and other materials which could cause irritation from staying between the wristband and the skin.Paper and plastic wristbands will bring higher risks of allergies to you and your children.